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Weapons and Equipment

Weapons and Equipment

Small Arms

Al-Khalid battle tank
Al-Khalid battle tank
Mohafiz armored vehicle.
Mohafiz armored vehicle.
Pakistan Army Mi-17s
Pakistan Army Mi-17s
Bell 412s
Bell 412s
Pakistan Army Baktar Shikan Anti-Tank vehicle
Pakistan Army Baktar Shikan Anti-Tank vehicle
  • Heckler & Koch MP5 9 mm carbines and the Carbine 1A 9 mm sub-machine guns*
  • Machine Gun MG3*
  • SMG PK, Type 1 & 2*
  • Assault Rifle G3, Types A3 & P4*
  • Anti Aircraft Machine Gun 12.7 mm, Type 54*
  • Steyr SSG-4 and SSG-P2 (sniper rifles) *
  • M82 Barrett rifle (US - Semi-Auto Rifle - .50 BMG)
  • AK-47 (currently being phased out) *
  • Type 81 Assault Rifle
  • M4 Carbine (in service with SF)
  • AK-103 Assault Rifle
  • Styer Sniper Rifle

*All Pakistani small arms are indigenously produced

Pakistan Army Inventory
Vehicle/System/Aircraft Firm Number in Service Status
T-80UD Main Battle Tank 320 In service.
Al Khalid Main Battle Tank 600 In Service; Currently under production
Type 85IIAP Main Battle Tank 500 In Service. Being phased out
Al-Zarar Tank Main Battle Tank 320 Currently under production
Type 69IIAP (Chinese T-59 Upgrade) 250 Being phased out by Al Khalid
T-63 & 60 Light Tank 100 Being phased out
Type 59 1200 Being phased out by Al Zarrar & Al Khalid II
M48 Patton 200 Being phased out by Al Khalid
Al-Khalid II Main Battle Tank ??? Under production.
Hamza Infantry fighting Vehicle ??? Being procured
Al-Fahd Infantry fighting vehicle 140 In Service
Talha Armoured Personnel Carrier 400+ Final number to be around 2,000
Saad Armoured Personnel Carrier ??? Currently in production
M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier 1500+ In Service
BTR-70 Armoured Personnel Carrier 169 In Service
Mohafiz Light Armoured Personnel Carrier ??? In Service & Additional APCs being procured
Scorpion Light jeep 260 In Service
Al Qaswa Logistical Vehicle ?? Being procured
M109A5 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer ??? 115 Ordered along with 150 A5 upgrade kits
M109A2 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 150 In Service
M110A2 203 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 40 In Service
M-7 105 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 50 In Service
T-56 85 mm Towed Artillery 200 In Service
M-56 105 mm Towed Artillery 80 In Service
M-101 105 mm Towed Artillery 300 In Service
T-60 122 mm Towed Artillery 200 In Service
T-54 122 mm Towed Artillery 400 In Service
T-59I 130 mm Towed Artillery 200 In Service
M-59 155 mm Towed Artillery 30 In Service
M-114 155 mm Towed Artillery 60 In Service
M-198 155 mm Towed Artillery 120 In Service
M-115 203 mm Towed Artillery 40 In Service
Panter T-155 mm Towed Artillery 12 Ordered from Turkey
AH-1F/S Cobra Attack Helicopter 70+ In Service
Bell 412 Huey Transport Helicopter 25 In Service
Bell 206 Jet Ranger Transport Helicopter 5 In Service
UH-1 Huey Transport Helicopter 10 In Service
Puma Transport Helicopter 25 In Service
Mil Mi-17 Transport Helicopter 46 Additional helicopters planned
Bell 407 Light Transport Helicopter ?? 40 On Order
Eurocopter AS-550 Light Transport Helicopter ?? Replacing Alouette III & Lama
Aerospatiale Alouette III Light Transport Helicopter ?? Being phased out
Lama Light Transport Helicopter ?? Being phased out


  • (Type) 81 mm
  • AM-ffff Series 120 mm
  • Type 63-1

Anti-tank Guided Weapons

  • TOW II (recently procured)
  • Bakter-Shikan ATGM

Army Air Defence

A SA-7 missile and launcher.
A SA-7 missile and launcher.
  • AA guns ZU-23/33 30, 36, 37 mm
  • RBS-23 BAMSE
  • RBS-70
  • SA-7 Grail
  • FIM-92 Stinger
  • FIM-43 Redeye
  • Anza MKI, Anza MKII and Anza MKIII
  • HQ-2b


List of Pakistani Strategic Missiles:

Designation Other Name Range Payload Status Inventory

Hatf-I/IA 80/100 km 500 kg Deployed 100+
Abdali Hatf-II 180 km 500 kg Deployed, Under production Unknown
Ghaznavi Hatf-III 1290 km 500 kg Deployed, Under production 100+
Shaheen-I Hatf-IV 2750 km 750 kg Deployed, Under production 75-150
Ghauri-I Hatf-V 1500 km 700-1000 kg Deployed, Under production 100+
Ghauri-II Hatf-VA 2,000km, More range with lighter payload. 1200 kg Operational, Under production 100+
Shaheen-II Hatf-VI 2,500km, More range with lighter payload. 1000+ kg Deployed, Under production 200+
Babur Hatf-VII 500 km 500 kg Deployed, Cruise Missile 400-1000
Ghauri-III Hatf-VIII 4,000 km 1000+ kg unknown
300 km 500 kg In service Unknown
3,600+ km 1000+ kg unknown
Tipu Sultan
5,000+ km 1500 kg under development

Note: every missile has nuclear payload.

The M-11 Chinese missile is in service too, which is a Short-Range Ballistic Missile with a max range of 300km it uses solid fuel and can carry a payload of around 500 kg.

In addition, there exists the Shaheen-III which is under research and development and will be solid fueled like the others in the Shaheen series. It will have a range of 3600+ km and a payload of 1000+ kg. This weapon is an Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile.

It has been recently reported by the Pakistani Press (Daily Jang) that Pakistan has the ability to MIRV its missiles. This has been seen as possibly the greatest achievement to date. It has also been reported that Pakistan would likely MIRV its Shaheen II missile.

Future Plans

Throughout the International Defence Exhibition & Seminar (IDEAS) at Karachi in November 2006, Pakistani firms have signed joint development, production and marketing agreements with defence firms from South Korea, France and Ukraine. These agreements include new reactive armour bricks, 155 mm artillery shells, and other developments in armour and land weaponry. These agreements all relate to the Pakistan Army's AFFDP-2019 modernization program of its armour, artillery and infantry.

A few months prior to IDEAS 2006, the Pakistan Army and Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) announced the development of the Al Khalid II Main Battle Tank (MBT). The Al Khalid II is poised to become the Pakistan Army's backbone main battle tank from 2012; thus replacing 1200 obsolete Chinese T-59 and 300 T-85IIAP. Not much is known about this tank, but it is reported that the Al Khalid II is a very extensive upgrade of the current Al Khalid. Other reports suggest that it will be an entirely new tank that is based off Western designs. Turkish press reported that a Pakistani armour firm will participate in the Turkey's new generation tank project. Turkey and Pakistan have signed many memorandums of understanding in various defence-related fields. Given that many Pakistani firms have signed joint agreements with Western firms, it is possible that a considerable part of the Al Khalid II's design will be influenced from the Turkish tank design. Nonetheless, the new generation tank is expected to form the backbone of the Pakistan Army's tank force; in the long-term.

The Pakistan Army will standardize its artillery capability to 155 mm by 2019. This can be seen by the acquisition of 115 M109A5 self-propelled howitzers from the United States, and joint production deals of 155 mm shells with French and South Korean firms. It is expected that the army will procure a range of light, medium and heavy towed and self-propelled howitzer artillery from China, Europe and the United States. These will replace all non-155 mm and older systems. The Army reportedly ordered and procured an undisclosed number of WS-1B Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS). As part of the artillery modernization program, the Army will likely procure a fair number of new MLRS systems of various ranges and shell sizes.

Modernization of the Army Aviation is underway with the procurement of new transport and attack helicopters from the United States, Russia and Europe. Finalized acquisitions include 26 Bell 412EP and at least a dozen Mi-17 medium-lift transport helicopters from the U.S and Russia, respectively. Forty Bell 407 and an unknown number of Fennec light helicopters from the U.S. and Eurocopter have also been ordered, respectively. Plans are underway to begin replacing the IAR 330 Puma, older Mil Mi-8/17, Bell Jet Rangers and older Huey helicopters; options include the Eurocopter NH-90 Tactical Transport Helicopter and UH-60M Blackhawk. The Pakistan Army has procured dozens of excess AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters since 2002; at least 20 have been brought into service to supplement the serving 18. The army reportedly has upgraded its entire fleet with AH-1Z King Cobra avionics and new weapon systems such as the TOW-2 and Hellfire missiles. Up to 30 new-generation attack helicopters will be procured to further enhance the Army's attack aviation arm; options include the Eurocopter Tiger, South African AH-2 Rooivalk and Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow.

  • Pakistan Army (PakA)
  • "Pakistan army is deep into business", Marketplace, November 6, 2007

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